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What if i see you in public?
Being a part of a smaller community, we may bump into each other outside of the office. If this happens, we will follow your lead on the level of communication, if any at all. Our priority is to maintain your confidentiality, so any conversations should be limited to pleasantries.
Can we be friends on social media?
Nope! Engaging with clients through our personal social media is a direct ethical violation. We are happy for you to follow our business accounts, but these accounts will not be used as a messaging platform for current or potential clients.
How long will i be in therapy?
This decision will be made by the therapist and client through establishing goals and assessing progress towards those goals. Each client's timeline will be different, and treatment plans can change with any unexpected life events.
why don't you take insurance?
When a therapist files for payment on behalf of their client, they are required to submit a diagnosis and update the company on treatment. Your privacy is vital to us, and we believe the details of your therapy should stay between you and your therapist. There is also the risk of your benefits changing unexpectedly during a pivotal moment in your therapy. By keeping the financial responsibility solely in your hands, you also keep control of your treatment

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I am passionate about increasing access to mental health care for mothers and their support system. Utilizing a variety of methods, I will guide you through your prenatal and postpartum journey and give you the tools to heal and be the best version of yourself.
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