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About Individual Therapy

The goal for individual therapy is to allow for growth and inspire change in your life. This type of therapy provides an opportunity for you to speak openly and comfortably about your mental health without fear of judgment.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, up to tens of millions of individuals are affected by mental illnesses every year, meaning it’s a common disease. The estimate also indicates that only fifty percent of those struggling with mental illnesses seek treatment.
At Beyond the Bump, we want to help change that statistic. And we believe that everyone deserves mental health treatment that feels good and fits their personality and needs. Our desire is to provide the perfect environment where you are comfortable to walk your mental health journey.

Therapy may be right for you if you are experiencing issues dealing with stress, unhappiness, depression, anxiety disorders, or behavioral outbursts. And in our comfortable environment, we will find the right therapy for your situation where you can also find the perfect spot to process - because we have created a space with options. Cooking, gardening, sharing a cup of coffee: all choices for your session! Therapy is hard work, but it should be done in a space that feels safe.

While enjoying any one of these things or just sitting on our cozy couch, with guided conversations, we can help identify and change the way that your brain processes your experiences, allowing you to reframe your thoughts and see the world in a new way. We utilize methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy to make these changes happen.

Our Top-Notch Techniques

Below are some of the common issues that we can help you process or deal with, but these are not the only issues. Do not struggle alone- let us help you navigate your mental health journey.


Positive or negative life events can cause stress. What many people don’t know is that positive life events can also induce stress, just like negative ones. Some of the leading stressors include job loss, discrimination, divorce, diagnosis of a serious disease, traumatic event, and adjustment in financial status.

Physical symptoms associated with stress may include having trouble sleeping, weight gain, lack of social life, suicidal thoughts, weight loss, and even excessive physical aggression. Untreated chronic stress can also cause high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic pain, chest pain, and more.
Emotional symptoms of stress include anger, feeling empty or unmotivated, racing thoughts, and hopelessness.

Anxiety Disorders

Your brain never shuts off. It feels like no matter how hard you try, you cannot focus or clear your mind. Your heart races, you sweat, you feel dizzy, nauseous, and you can’t sleep. This is what anxiety feels like.

A life full of anxiety is a life robbed of healthy relationships, joy, and living in the present moment. No matter what the cause, the effect is the same: Anxiety keeps us from living our best and fullest life. 

We want to help you get out of the vicious cycle that anxiety creates. Instead of avoiding or fighting the thoughts or situations, we will help you explore them, understand them, and conquer them.


Depression is a thief. It leaves you feeling empty, irritable, and sad, which means it takes all the pleasure out of living life. Depression does not just make you feel sad, it changes the chemistry and functioning of your brain. It makes you feel as if you cannot make it through one more day, that simply surviving is too much to handle. Struggling to sleep? Loss of appetite? Temper flaring more than usual? All of these can be signs of depression.

Treatment of depression means shining a light on all the dark corners that depression has created. We will give you a safe place to bring your scariest thoughts and help you to rid yourself of the thought distortions that keep you from living life to the fullest.

Behavioral Outburst

When children struggle with mood dysregulation they display temper outbursts, anger, and irritability. Children often express anger or frustration, or even sadness, in inappropriate ways such as with violent behaviors, breaking or throwing objects, and verbal abuse. This can be difficult to navigate as a parent, and many parents feel at a loss. This is where counseling can help! We can provide your child with coping skills for their emotions and help you as a parent navigate your own emotions about their behavior. 

It is not only children that struggle with outbursts. When adults have behavioral outbursts it also results in breaking or throwing objects, verbal abuse, or even road rage. Behavioral outbursts can negatively impact the lives of those suffering, including at work school, and having financial or legal consequences.

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I am passionate about increasing access to mental health care for mothers and their support system. Utilizing a variety of methods, I will guide you through your prenatal and postpartum journey and give you the tools to heal and be the best version of yourself.
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