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Teletherapy - Online Professional Therapy From a Distance

Beyond the Bump offers our clients the option of telehealth services for your psychotherapy sessions. Using web-based capabilities enables us to offer you affordable and convenient mental health care, regardless of your ability to come to one of our offices.

Online therapy can be helpful for those times when you need to meet once for convenience or health reasons of if you are looking for an option for remote therapy sessions because you live at a distance from our location and still want to utilize our services.

What is Online Teletherapy?

There are many reasons that might keep you from being able to meet with your licensed therapist in person - nonstandard work hours, you live at a distance, health concerns, busy family life...etc. We offer convenient, discreet and professional online therapy.

Over the past few years, technology has changed the way that we are able to deliver the mental health care you or your family may need. With online options, you now can have more flexibility in scheduling as well as the ability to choose a therapist practicing out of your local area.

Online therapy involves attending remote therapy sessions via telephone, video calls or chat rooms. 

Benefits of Online Web Based Teletherapy

Your Schedule Requires Flexibility

Online therapy can be scheduled around your workday and busy schedule

Your Therapist, Your Choice

You are able to choose the therapist that works for you and your family, rather than just who is closest

Easier and More Efficient

We are using technology more and more to communicate and many people may find this type of therapy easier and more comfortable

You Need the Discretion

There are times when you don't need to reveal that you are with a therapist and teletherapy can offer that discretion

What You Will Need for  Remote Therapy

Device with a microphone and camera

Internet Connection With Decent Speed

Private Space

Place with good Lighting

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I am passionate about increasing access to mental health care for mothers and their support system. Utilizing a variety of methods, I will guide you through your prenatal and postpartum journey and give you the tools to heal and be the best version of yourself.
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