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True Connection, True Healing

Therapy to Move Past the Bumps

Life and marriage are full of bumps in the road. Things that feel like they jolt us a little- disrupt our plans or our joy. If we don't make time to address these bumps, they can turn into mountains we have to climb or lead us into valleys we feel we can't get out of. 

My goal as a therapist is to help women and couples navigate life's bumps. 

Motherhood can be another one of those bumps in the road. Whether you are trying to decide if you want to be a mom, are facing infertility or loss, or struggling with the prenatal or postpartum period, I want to care for you beyond just the baby bump. You deserve mental health care that sees the whole picture - and treats every part of who you are.

Our Mental Health Services

Types of Therapy

Couple's Therapy

Family therapy, often known as family counseling, is a treatment intended to address particular concerns impacting a family’s health and functioning.
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We know that it isn’t always possible to make it to visits in person. That’s why we offer telehealth visits that can be used for every session or just when needed.
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Women's Therapy

Whether you are trying to decide if you want to be a mom, are facing infertility or loss, or struggling with the prenatal or postpartum period, I want to care for you beyond just the baby bump.
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Methods of Therapy

Jessica views therapy from an attachment-based perspective, meaning that she believes many of the hurts we experience from those around us can change the way we view the world and others around us. Healing those hurts can lead to positive changes in our relationships.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Emotionally Focused Therapy
Gottman Couples Therapy
Child-Centered Play Therapy

About Beyond the Bump Marriage and Family Therapy

We live in a fast moving and ever changing world where life can feel uncertain and out of control. It can be overwhelming to navigate the day to day while managing that uncertainty. This is often the root cause of declining mental health.

Having warm and compassionate mental health professionals who understand a wide range of mental health disorders, treatment solutions, and relational issues is the key to effective treatment.
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  • Jessica was amazing for my whole family! She helped my children tremendously during a time of huge changes at home and helped me manage these things for myself and also with the kids. She has been a blessing to our family and contributed greatly to the growth we have all had this year!

    D Sargent
  • Jessica helped us as a family. When we went to see her she is a awesome therapist and she cares for her clients. I would recommend her to anyone that ask me for some therapy help. 

    A Morales
  • I love Jessica! She did a training on children and trauma for teachers. She was super engaging and really taught us so much on what we can do for students that have been through trauma. Jessica has also really talked me through some difficulties I have been through as an adult and as a mother. Highly recommend having sessions with her! 

    C Sims
  • A place to feel welcomed, comfortable and safe. Jessica is incredibly skilled at what she does helping people with such compassion and professionalism. She has helped me through some major issues and I feel so comfortable going to her with anything. This is where personal healing begins. 

    C Sellers
  • My experience with Yellow House Therapy, specifically Jessica, was life changing. My life was flipped upside down during postpartum & having Jessica to guide me through my anxiety, body image, self confidence, and relationships was the best decision. She is caring, never judgmental, a great listener, and implements evidence based practices in her work. I highly recommend Jessica & Yellow House Therapy!

  • I can’t say enough how grateful I am for Jessica and the amount of work, support and patience she has given me throughout my journey of healing and improving my mental health. I’m so much stronger and happier since seeking help through therapy. The environment is comfortable, relaxing and a safe place to be heard and to heal. I will always recommend to anyone that Yellow House Therapy is the place for healing.

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I am passionate about increasing access to mental health care for mothers and their support system. Utilizing a variety of methods, I will guide you through your prenatal and postpartum journey and give you the tools to heal and be the best version of yourself.
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